You belong with me…

“I just wanna stick my dick inside your wet pussy” Damon said ever so quietly as if it were a simple wish, nothing unheard of. Sarah stared into his eyes because he was so composed, he had done this countless times before….but so had she, had sex I mean, so why was she so nervous?
See Damon was different for her, she told him she was a virgin because she honestly believed her first time was a mistake. They had been at this place before, him saying these things and she pretending not to want it as badly, but this time, she just couldn’t think straight. “Uhmm, i don’t wanna do this” she whispered as he looked at her puzzled, this wasn’t her regular pretense before he gently slid a finger inside her, he saw fear in her eyes. Damon kissed her lightly then held her in his arms as her brain exploded with thoughts “why I am I so totally in love with someone who’s not mine…why am I so weak? why can’t i just leave?” Damon sat oblivious to the torment going on in Sarah’s head, she cried on the inside at how far they had gone previous times, how far they would go and how she could do nothing about it because she was too in love with him to ever do anything but give in to his charm…..

My almost cliche love story drama. usually hate reading this genre but i think my version might be pretty awesome 🙂 leave me comments so i can know if i should continue or what to change, thank youuuu :*


2 comments on “You belong with me…

  1. Oj says:

    why this so short lol i was enjoying this

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